Everybody loves a dashboard...or so they say.


When effectively designed, Dashboards help decision makers cut through the noise and focus on the things that matter. 

Our experience of dashboards is that they are the end result of alot of hard work to define KPIs that reflect true measures of business and finance performance - KPIs follow the business model and reporting tools need to be able to understand this hiearchy of cause and effect. 

The CCH Tagetik platform has the intelligence to accommodate the inter-relationships across operations, finance and strategy and the presentation tools deliver easy-to-consume dashboards with drill down and further analysis. 

The holy grail is digital dashboards used in board meetings with 3 clicks to detail to understand deviations from plans and why they have occurred - CCH Tagetik is designed to deliver this sort of business insight.

Spend less time on corporate reporting - creating reports & validating source data - and focus on generating insights or other value-added activities.

CCH Tagetik financial analytics software simplifies analytics reporting with streamlined tools to help you create, share, access, and distribute reports. With CCH Tagetik reporting software, you can do it on the web, on a mobile device or through familiar Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or SharePoint.

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