AIS can offer unrivalled support and guidance to the Financial Controller of any large company. With our team of financial consultants - all ex finance leaders - you can be assured that the support and advice we give is pertinent, practical and bespoke to your company.

We can help your Financial Controller establish a vision that is achievable and delivers the most value for the best cost. AIS can suggest tools and provide tried and tested ways to enable the finance department of any large company to work better with the business side of the company. Indeed, our aim is to empower finance to support the rest of the company by providing accurate, up-to-date statistics and a clearer overview of the company's position. This, in turn, will enable boards and managing directors to move quickly and make the right decisions based on sound, thorough knowledge of a company's finances.

The financial consultants at AIS can work with financial controllers to put in place tried and tested, low risk processes to implement change. They can also help by suggesting ways to make that change stick. We all know that it is important to engage staff in any changes by providing adequate training and support and your AIS financial consultant can help with this.

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