AIS have been working with Group Finance teams for 20 years to help provide more control, transparency and automation to Group reporting. Delivering consolidation processes to companies such as Shell, Johnson and Johnson Experian and BP - we bring expertise and experience to improve group reporting processes.

Our focus is always process first, technology second - designing leading practices and using technology to enable.

Previously we focus on the software giants - SAP and Hyperion solutions - but in the last 5 years there has been a shift towards cloud specialist vendors.

AIS are now an implementation partner and Value Added Reseller of CCH Tagetik solutions.

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CCH Tagetik's financial reporting platform has a robust consolidation engine with inbuilt intelligence to close faster and with more control:

  • ETL layer to plug into source ERP systems and map and load data
  • Controls and validations to ensure financial integrity
  • Consolidation cockpit to keep track of entities close
  • Disclosure reporting in Word Powerpoint and Excel

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  2. Define high level system blueprint with benefits, best practices, costs and implementation plan 


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