Still need to address IFRS 16?

Throughout 2018, AIS have been working with many different organisations - from FTSE 100 to medium sized UK organisations - to deliver IFRS16 Lease Accounting in the cloud.

The pre-packaged solution from CCH Tagetik, provides a ready-to-go cloud solution that is suitable for simple or complex requirements and helps get away from IFRS16 Excel hell!

The key focus areas for our clients have been:

  • quickly load lease data and assess the impact of different transition approaches within days
  • create a single repository for all lease data (IFRS16 and non-IFRS16)
  • automate lease changes using integration to lease management systems such as vehicle leasing providers
  • forecast and simulate future lease vs buy decisions
  • manage the process using easy guided workflows and process management
  • provide a controlled system process with validations and full auditability


Although January 2019 is here, many organisations are planning to tackle this later in the year...and those with non December year ends have an extended delivery timetable. However, its prudent to get started sooner and at least test the water with your lease data. Experience tells us that data is the bottle neck on these projects...prove the concept early and then you can relax! 

The IFRS16 solution is built on the CCH Tagetik financial reporting, planning and analytics platform which has built-in financial intelligence and tools for finance... so it is well suited for the task at hand.

To find out more about the CCH Tagetik solution see the links for a 2 minute demo and solution overview

Next steps...

  1. Book an Initial meeting / web meeting - one of our IFRS16 consultants will walk through customer experiences and discuss costs and timeframes.
  2. Proof of concept - provide us some Lease data and we will provide a demonstration on your data within a few days
  3. Contracts --> Training --> Start


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