Organisations are moving away from the model of finance running financial reports for business divisions and emailing this information to business heads. There is a closer tie between finance and operations and finance staff are increasingly acting as business enablers rather than cost controlling officers.
This is perhaps one of the biggest shifts in finance change over the last 2 decades and one that continues to present a clear problem - how do we enable finance as an effective business partner?
Fundamentally there are 2 parts to the equation
  • linking operational activities to financial outcomes within the business
  • enabling finance and business with common tools to plan business activities, understand financial impact and manager performance against financial and operational metrics.
AIS has years of experience helping to bridge the gap between finance and operations.
How do we help:
  1. Integrated business planning blueprint - for most AIS customers the finance plan is held to the strategic operating plan and is integrated with other operational plans - sales, marketing, HR, supply chain and production etc. Defining a blueprint of the relationships between strategic plan. finance plan and operational plans - we can understand the levers of performance across the business and develop a model that mirrors the different facets of the business,
  2. Tools to connect plans - within organisations, plans are interconnected and changes in one area impacts another. AIS helps you to develop interconnected planning process - where all sub plans talk to and feed the finance plan and work within the parameters of the overarching strategic plan.


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