Many organisations use a number of Excel workbooks to collect information and report plans and actuals. For these organisations, they have a working process, but there are constraints that come with using Excel as the primary collection and reporting tool.

Often there is a desire to keep the same process but to eradicate the issues and take advantage of easy automation and control improvements.

Where organisations have planning and reporting processes primarily managed in Excel, the Lift, Shift and Improve approach is an easy way to:

Eliminate normal excel issues

  • Large spreadsheets slow and sometimes crash
  • Heavy maintenance - one thing changes...lots of connected spreadsheets need to change
  • Knowledge of spreadsheets and connections may be held by a minority of people. Often this is poorly documented.
  • Connected workbooks - error in one cell means numbers wrong in another summary workbook
  • Difficult to manage multiple versions of actuals and plans
  • It is difficult to manage/prevent manual user input, and even harder to trace/prevent user error

Achieve value add (incremental improvement)

  • Easy user adoption - Excel interface in Tagetik means users have minimal change while still gaining the benefits of control/governance that Tagetik provides
  • Automation of actuals - direct link to GL for load of actuals to all sheets
  • Automation of consolidation - in built functions for translations, aggregations, consolidation entries and inter-company eliminations
  • Automation of plan and actual reports
  • Changes are managed centrally - changes done centrally and reflected in all reports and collection templates
  • Managed version control of actuals and plans
  • Ability to simulate - run scenario analysis as part of planning process
  • Web reports and input forms
  • Dashboards
  • Consistent KPI definitions and reporting

Next Steps

  1. Book an initial scoping workshop
  2. Sign NDA and provide sample Excel files
  3. Proof of concept based on your data and Blueprint of potential incremental improvements

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