AIS will begin by conducting a full finance process health check.

Our expert consultants will work alongside your senior finance specialists to look at existing practices within the finance department and assess any possible gaps. We will then help your CFO compare current procedures within your finance department to best industry practice. This benchmarking process should be a relatively short task taking just a few days but giving a valuable overview of your finance department's current position.

We will then identify various options for improvement concentrating on high value/ low effort opportunities. AIS will help your finance department identify how to make the most efficiencies and increase high value activities. We will provide a finance process blueprint to help your CFO understand which areas require attention. AIS will support you all the way working in collaboration with your CFO, senior finance specialists and programme managers to produce an improvement plan guaranteed to deliver on value.

At AIS we provide specialist financial consultancy services delivered by ex finance leadership professionals designed to help businesses manage costs better, increase profit and balance cash flow. AIS will then provide your finance department with access to online diagnostic and tracking tools to enable your finance department to accurately measure any resulting improvements.

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The AIS CPM analyser is a strategic framework that helped us work out the best way forward to improve our finance processes - a useful tool before embarking on any projects

James Downey - Head of Finance, Northern Rail

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