As part of our bespoke financial consultancy service AIS always take time to assess a company's unique requirements before recommending a particular type of software. Our expert consultants are well aware that every company has differing needs. Once we have established these requirements we will then be able to illustrate the software solutions we propose which could meet your needs. We will help you to gain an understanding of which software solution would be the best fit for your company.

Our software demonstrations are intended to help you envisage what your company will look like in a new system and it can also help you to sell it to your employees. AIS understand that there is no value in buying into new technology if you don't take your workforce along with you. For any system to be successful it needs to be embraced by the people who are to work with it.

Indeed, the work we do in developing proof of concepts can often be used as a useful starting point. As an independent financial consulting company we can help your CFO choose the right software system - one which will bring together all your processes into a single platform using Tagetik or SAP software. Indeed, all the systems we recommend sit within existing systems providing automation and better analysis.

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